About Positive Parenting Solutions and me!



Positive parenting solutions, how to parent well and being a good parent are all concerns I share with you. Having raised my own children; it was not until they were grown that I discovered Parent Coach International® and was able to see that each of these concerns find strength and support in the parents relationship with self, first.

I am a graduate of the Parent Coach International® program offered through Seattle Pacific University.   I am a certified PCI ®Parent Coach. PCI is the only accredited, Graduate Level, parent-coaching program offered through an accredited university in the United States.   It’s founder, a pioneer in the Parent Coaching world, Gloria DeGaetano, developed this intensive year long study with it’s focus on Appreciative Inquiry & Living System Principles. Ms. DeGaetano is an educator, author, speaker and true visionary for the support of parents raising children in our world today.

My Story

I have continually sought ways to advocate on behalf of children.  My extensive involvement with my own children and their various activities as they were growing up, is testimony to my commitment to positively effect children’s lives.

Through much searching I found clarity to my direction.  I came to understand that by supporting the parent first, you support the child. This was not a new concept for me; but one that became more concrete through the PCI® program. Through this wonderful, non-judgmental parenting model I came to know the results of integrating positive parenting for effective change.

What does “Positive Parenting” reference?
Each of us are unique individuals possessing wonderfully unique and individual strengths.
Positive Parenting seeks to amplify these strengths and apply them to ones challenges.

I am the fourth child of parents who raised a family of ten children. In this, there were times when I experienced less than peaceful parenting for understandable reasons. My parents raised my siblings and myself with a great deal of love. They experienced challenging economic times along the way but always sought to provide unconditional love, stability and security to our family. The parent ideas and child guidance they offered were based in what they had learned from their own parents and I suspect from the world around them. The term,”conscious parent” (one who is awake or aware) was not a term available for consideration for the parents of my generation.

Today raising a child offers a whole host of challenges for parents. Being awake or aware of alternate ways of approaching challenges is key. I can be of help in guiding parents to find effective and long lasting solutions.  It is through raising awareness of innate strengths, talents and gifts that the parent becomes more “awake” to themselves. The conscious parent becomes the amazing parent feeling better about who they are. Challenges ultimately become transformed into stronger bonds and Parent/child relationships are shored up for the resolution of future challenges.

My Education

While in high school I honored my creative abilities and attended floral design school. I went on to college as an agriculture major, switched my major to early childhood development and once again switched my college major to business and marketing. Once out of college, I returned to become an interior designer. I consequently married, moved from New York to Kauai, Hawaii and worked in the design field while raising my family.  In 2014 I graduated from Seattle Pacific Universities graduate program to become a certified Parent Coach.

It is through my journey that I discovered my true life’s work; Parent Coaching. It has taking me 30+ years for me to circle back to my passion for the support of children and ultimately to find my calling. I am grateful for all that life has offered me to now and believe this was exactly the path my life was to take. I offer my services to those wishing to know themselves as a better, more conscious parent who is willing to positively effect change in theirs and their children’s lives.

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