dsc_0516What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is the remedy to the fast paced, stressed filled lives of parents today.

With the distracted lifestyle of so many families today; parents find them selves offering their children only a fraction of themselves and feel frustrated with their inability to be more fully present for their children as well as themselves.  Challenged, overwhelmed and feeling helpless;  parents now have Parent Coaching as a powerful resources to help them overcome their unique challenges and thrive in their parenting role.

Parent Coaching is a co-creative, gentle, non-judgmental and empowering platform for the parent’s . Relationships that you are experiencing as difficult with your child/children, partner, spouse and even extended family members become redefined  in the most positive and unexpected ways.

I start from the premise that you are the best at being you; and together we work to help you realize your inner most strengths.  Focused attention on your family relationships and your specific challenges gives way to positive change as you reawakening to who you are as an individual.  This raised awareness of who you are as a parent and who you are in relationship to the ones you care for sets the foundation for new experiences to emerge.    With my guidance, you’ll utilize your strengths to uncover what is working in your family dynamic so that you can experience more of it.  It is from this clarity,  your role as a parent shifts and changes.  Struggle becomes opportunity and frustration becomes invitation. The results are empowering for you as a parent as well as the creation of a more harmonious and joy filled family environment.

Through our 8-12 one-hour sessions of either phone, face time/skype or on-premise coaching conversations, we work together and drop a pebble in the pond and watch the concentric rings grow larger and larger.   We map out your ideal parenting experience and witness the amazing changes happen all around you. I guide you through a wonderful process that excites and energizes all aspects of your life.

Some of the Challenges you can find support in overcoming:

  • Defiant Child
  • Unmotivated Child/Low Self Esteem
  • Child/Children of Divorce
  • Overuse/Misuse of Screen time
  • Back to Work/Working Parent Guilt
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Not enough time for you
  • Conflict from Differing Parenting Styles
  • (Parenting challenges are as varied as their are parenting relations, let’s talk to see if my services are the right fit for you)

What you can expect:

  • New Self Discoveries
  • Encouragement
  • Support
  • Peace, Contentment and Empowerment to move forward

I Offer:
In-person coaching
Telephone/Facetime/Skype Coaching
Couples Coaching, Group Coaching, Workshops & Presentations
Follow-up/Recap via email

10-12 – 1 Hour Coaching Session: $1,200  (Facetime, Skype or via phone coaching)

All services are customized to meet you and your family’s needs.
All coaching include supportive & follow-up emails for the duration of the sessions.
I can help you decide what is the best coaching commitment, given your individual challenges.

To learn more, contact me at or (808) 635-7995.

I reside in Hawaii and for many of my off island clients, the time zone for our coaching sessions needs to be worked out to suit all of our schedules.  I am happy to offer a free 20 minute introductory session of myself and the parent coaching process.

Please call or e-mail me for further information.

Mahalo nui loa for your interest!

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