Reading to Children

“Reading to children, even before they can understand, teaches them to associate books with love and affection”

offered by The Childrens Movement of Florida

As a parent coach I often find others offering me articles and bits of parenting ideas for consideration. The above quote recently came to me from my 22 year old daughter. I thought about its content and decided that this was a simple but powerful message to share with parents and caregivers.  Not that this is a new notion; but that it is a powerful opportunity.
My husband and I, as young parents,  often read books to our own two girls. This lovely ritual began from their first years and continued for many wonderful years there after. The children’s books we read were written for children, but for the most part crossed the age barrier and spoke to adults as well. They were usually beautifully illustrated making the reading that much more compelling to my children, myself and husband alike.
When we read to our children, books become unspoken vehicles of bonding, love and affection, no doubt. Sharing this time together with my own girls taught them to associate books with feelings of love as well as security. As an added bonus this ritual offered my husband and I an eternal reflection of precious moments once shared. The added benefit; we planted the seed for the love of reading on their own. How simple, yet how powerful! I am filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity to have shared these moments with my own children and invite you to engage in this opportunity for yourselves as often as possible. It is a gift  that truly extends itself for a lifetime; as is evident in my 22 year old recently offering me this quote for consideration.

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