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Testimonials on Conscious ParentingSo fortunate to have spent many hours speaking with Mary. I looked forward to our sessions and learned a great deal about parenting, but most of the insight I gained was about myself. Connecting with truths of who I really am and knowing that I can choose how I want to show up as a mother, wife and friend in the most positive light. Mary’s sessions were a true gift and reminder to allow my family’s best qualities to shine! It was remarkable to watch relationships grow and flourish because “what you pay attention to grows.” Mary created a non-judgmental space for me to visit every Sunday and gave practices to keep close to my heart. Mary definitely chose the right path and is an incredible inspiration!
Jackie M. Islip, NY


Testimonials on Conscious ParentingWorking with Mary is a wonderful experience! She is patient in her coaching and she helped me work through being “stuck” in finding a different path to move forward in life. She guides you through finding and focusing on “What Works” versus focusing on the bad. Even though I had no idea how my dream was going to happen the coaching process was really helpful in figuring out what I actually wanted and to realize how many good things were already present to help me into the future. It truly is Inspired Parent Coaching. Mary is wonderful in asking the right questions, appreciating my feedback and offering helpful advice and responses. You have to work with her!
Thank you so much!! Dayna W. Redondo Beach, CA


Testimonials on Conscious ParentingMary took me on an unforgettable journey. I became a happier person. I rediscovered myself! …Thank You for helping me “Find” myself again. I know now that NOTHING is impossible!
Kristin H. Farmingdale, NY




inspiredpinksunsetWorking with Mary provided me with more insight into my parenting journey. Raising two children, 9 years apart I can attest that I am a different parent to each. Through the PCI experience, I identified the needs of myself, my husband as well as my children. All uniquely different, I found that I can lovingly, effectively reach the parenting needs of each. Making small changes in myself had a tremendous impact on our relationships. If you are considering PCI, I highly recommend it. Even if you feel you are the best parent you can be, PCI enables you to extend your reach and you will find that nothing is impossible.

Susan G. Sayville, NY



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